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Below are significant recent transactions and advisory mandates we have undertaken;

  • Acting as a lead legal advisor for UAP Insurance Co. Ltd in development of Insurance claims risk and litigation system. The system has succeeded in cutting down of personal injury claims by over 60%.
  • Acting as lead legal advisor for K-Rep Bank Ltd in designing a legal small business loaning scheme. The legal scheme has enabled K-Rep Bank advance loans to small scale Business Enterprises without running any risk of default by any borrower.
  • Acting as lead legal advisor in K-Rep Bank devising individual loan scheme for over 5,000 employees of Kenya Ports Authority and Kenya Ferry Services through Bandari Savings & Credit Society Ltd. The loan scheme have zero default rate because the system is self-operating designed to auto practically shift the default risk to quarators without affecting the banks interest.
  • Defending 9 Insurance Companies in over 3000 cases of industrial and personal injury claims, achieved abandonment of over 50% of the claims and dismissal of over 25% of the remaining 50%. The rest half been deserving claims for which we have negotiated favourable out of court settlements.
  • Overseeing disposal of the real assets of Pan Africa Insurance Co. Ltd to 3rd parties and transfer of the remaining properties to Pan Africa Life Ltd upon the split of Pan Africa Insurance Co. Ltd into separate General and Life Insurance Companies.
  • Defending Kenya Power and Lighting Co. Ltd in numerous Industrial accident claims involving damages by fire on 3rd parties property and electrocution of persons.
  • Defending Kenya Railways Corporation against attempts to block concessioning of the Railway services to Rift-Valley Railways of South Africa.
  • Defending Nation Media Group Ltd and the Standard Newspapers Ltd in numerous libel suit.



1. N.I.C. (Bank) Ltd
2. K-Rep Bank

Insurance Clients

1. AIG (K) Ltd
2. UAP Provincial Insurance Co. Ltd
3. APA Insurance
4. Lion of Kenya Ins. Co. Ltd
5. Invesco Assurance Co. Ltd.
6. Corporate Insurance Co. Ltd.
7. Co-operative Insurance Co. Ltd
8. Gateway Insurance Co. Ltd


1. Athi River Mining
2. Maersk (K) Limited
3. Knight Frank
4. Securicor (K)Ltd
5. Wells Fargo Ltd
6. Express (K) Ltd
7. Bandari Sacco
8. Express (K) Ltd
9. Nation Media Group Ltd
10. East African Standard Ltd
11. Kenya Power & Lighting Company Ltd.
12. Haco Industries Ltd
13. Shavir Co. Ltd
14. Kenya Re-insurance Co. Ltd
15. Idime Enterprises Ltd
16. K.K. Guards Ltd
17. Carlifonia Link (EPZ) Msa Limited
18. Sharmarco Investments Limited
19. Kwale Teachers Sacco
20. Jubilee Building Co-Operative Society

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