Founded in 1999 as Ndegwa & Associates Advocates, the firm has expanded to become Ndegwa  &Sitonik Advocates.

hot joomla carouselAs a leading Kenyan law firm, we provide a comprehensive range of legal services and solutions for domestic and international clients who include:-

  • Corporates,
  • Banks and financial institutions,
  • Foreign investors and their Kenyan subsidiaries and branches,
  • Oil companies, transport, energy and communication companies,
  • Airlines, insurance companies,
  • Hotel groups,
  • Religious and missionary organizations and international aid organizations

In commercial litigation, we deal with complex commercial litigation and arbitration matters, debt recovery (especially for banks and financial institutions), employment disputes, insurance disputes, intellectual property rights disputes, and various other commercial disputes.

Our lawyers have been involved in cross border commercial transactions, particularly in the expansive East African region.

:: Customer Care

Our client policy is based on uncompromising professionalism. Our entire staff is committed to providing a thorough, informed, personalized and dedicated service coupled with a thorough understanding of the environment we operate in.