When conflicts arise our basic instinct is to fight or flight!

Every party has a position and tries to ensure their position takes the day. No care is taken of the opponents feelings, needs or wants! After all this is WAR!

The truth is ALL conflicts are fundamentally based on emotions( e.g.  Anger, Hurt, Revenge, Insecurity, Unfair treatment , suspicion) etc, lack of proper or efficient communication and personal interest. Some may be related to the dispute at hand but often not.

To resolve  the underlying issues aforestated will resolve  the root cause of the conflict and repair the relationship. A WIN -WIN solution that renders the relationship intact.

To enforce one party’s right is a WIN- LOSE outcome and one party is always dissatisfied!

So in business, workplace and family relationships the best way to solve a dispute is mediation.


In commercial litigation, we deal with complex commercial litigation and arbitration matters, debt recovery (especially for banks and financial institutions), employment disputes, insurance disputes, intellectual property rights disputes and various other commercial disputes.

Our lawyers have been involved in cross border commercial transactions, particularly in the expansive East African region.

The Firm acts for banks, trading companies, and individual businessmen in providing legal advisory services including undertaking due diligence, negotiating and conclusion of trading agreements.

Two of our partners represent our clients in the High Court, Court Of Appeal, and Magistrates Courts on contentious matters. We have well stocked electronic and hard copy library of the Laws of Kenya, East Africa, past judicial decisions in the Common-Wealth and law books in litigation. We ensure that our clients cases are conducted, and concluded efficiently.

We have also successfully attended to Insurance matters in court for our clients. The firm's Litigation team has handled Litigation matters on behalf of very notable local and foreign clients among them senior political figures.

We competently review all security documents for our clients successfully. The security reviews include studying the various documents, and coming up with recommendations regarding their compliance with legal regulations and enforceability.

The documents include:

  • Letters of Offer,
  • Charges, Mortgages,
  • Debentures,
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association,
  • Pledges and Liens,
  • Guarantees and Indemnities
  • Title documents.

We represent clients in litigation actions before the High Court of Kenya in such matters as:

  • Civil claims
  • Commercial disputes including business and finance
  • Employment
  • Intellectual property
  • Medical negligence

We advise on and undertake Appeals to tribunals and commission hearings.
A number of our lawyers have experience in advising on local and international arbitration and mediation.